To book Steve for recording, live, remote sessions, etc. CONTACT: MAJOR TALENT          Los Angeles  Email:  Telephone: +1 323 334-5507 

GEAR: Vintage solid, semi / hollow basses, amps and recording gear incl Motown's James Jamerson 1962 Ampeg B15 amp, 1970s STC 4038 mic Abbey Road, 1960 EMI 805 Abbey Road tube mic preamps owned by Joe Meek.

FAVORITES and possible style references: Jamerson, McCartney, Entwistle, Jack Bruce, JPJ, Carol Kaye, JJ Burnel, Hendrix, Larry Graham, Bootsie, Geezer, Herbie Flowers, Peter Hook, Trevor Boulder, Barry Adamson, Prince, Jah Wobble, Wetton (KC era), Glen Matlock and many more. 

RHYTHM SECTION: Subject to availability and budget, hall of famers or up and comers.

MULTI-INSTRUMENTS:  Gtr, Upright bass, Kbds, Vocals, BVs. also koto, oud, saz, manjo, santoor, etc. 

ANALOG ELECTRONICS: Many vintage synth drums and percussion plus weird cool stuff we built.   

MULTI-INST CREDITS: Hugh Cornwell, Nick Lowe, OK Go, Trashbeat, Farflung, Shades, Shawn Lee, Hallyday, Add N to X, Chrome. 

GUITAR FAVES: Jimi, Mick Ronson, Fripp, John McGeogh, Rowland S. Howard, Nile Rogers, George Harrison, Helios Creed, Dan Ash, Steve Jones, Marc Bolan, etc...   


FENDER            1973 P bass (rounds)

                           1963 P bass (vintage flats)

                           1968 Precision  (flats)

                           1972 Tele  (Trubass tape)

                           1979 Fretless J  (flats)

OVATION           Magnum II and III 

ARIA                  SB1000  

SILVERTONE     1443 

MIJ                     THUNDERBIRD 

PEAVEY              T40   

MUSICMAN        Saber  1978   

GRETSCH           upright (1930s)

Bajo Sexto         (12 stg ac bs gtr)

El Capitan          fretless ac bass gtr

DANELECTRO   1959 tic tac (bass VI)

DANO                 Baritone gtr    

PRO MARTIN     8 string (Matsumoko 4 pairs octave)


1962 Ampeg B15N Portaflex Fliptop (Ex James Jamerson)

1951 Ampeg 815 

1969 Ampeg B25B 

1960s Gretsch (Valco Supro) Superbass

Blackface Fender 50

1970 Kustom B200

GB Streamliner 900

Carlsbro TC200 all valve 1970s tube 200W

FX: Vintage fuzzes, distortions, synth filters, chorus, flange, ring mods, echos, etc...