ALADDINS CAVE STUDIO (featured in "Private Studios" book by Shawn Lee)  

Console: TAC Amek broadcast 28-8-2   Monitors: UREI 809, NS10, Auratones   

MICS: 1962 Lomo 19A9 (Russian U47! check out Steve Albini's blindfold tests). Neumann TLM170 (purple). 1958 Russian ML 52 ribbon (Russian RCA 77), '60s STC (now Coles) 4033, GT Model 1A USA tube LDC. AKG D12, EV 667 dynamic, RE20, SM 55 and many funky vintage, lo and hi fi mics   

PRES: EMI 806 tube pres ex Joe Meek / Abbey Rd. 8x ex-BBC Audix UK Broadcast 1970's pre- EQs (like 1073s) etc...

OUTBOARD: Compressors: FX760 Compex, Rebis (Virgin studios), Master Room reverb, EMT 240, Realtube reverb, etc...   

WEIRD SCIENCE: Many vintage and esoteric instruments: basses, guitars, kbds, amps, analog synths, synth drums. bizarre modified toys, effects, ethnic instruments,